Karuna Meda
Jefferson Investigates: Aging and Chronic Conditions; A New Target for Parkinson’s Disease; Butterfly Disease
Exploring multimorbidity among aging adults in India; targeting a gut protein to prevent neurodegeneration; repurposing existing therapies for butterfly disease
Racism in China
Exploring racism that the Black community in China experiences and how Western racial ideology impacts a non-Western part of the globe.
Jefferson Investigates: Artificial Intelligence and Heart Disease, Prenatal Drug Use and ADHD, and Potassium Channels and Neurological Disease
Exploring how machine learning can be used to predict cardiac damage, studying the link between substance use during pregnancy and ADHD, and targeting potassium channels in the brain.
Making Multimedia Communication More Inclusive
Diving beyond the surface of written language and visual media to get messages across.
Jefferson Investigates: Contaminated Currency, Autism-Inclusive Healthcare Spaces, and Novel Prostate Cancer Treatment
Investigating presence of drugs on American currency, designing sensory-friendly environments for people with autism, and developing new therapies for prostate cancer.
How Do Our Physical Surroundings Shape Our Minds?
By adapting to innate human instincts, a well-designed space can impact our learning and stress.
“Beyond the Bench” – Striving to Improve Representation in Science
A graduate student who didn’t see herself in science now looks for opportunities to increase awareness among students about what a scientist is and does.
Finding Calm in Ocean Waves and Galaxies
Researchers explore whether an immersive environment of calming imagery and sound can reduce stress.
Jefferson Investigates: COVID and Platelets, Training for Inclusive Care and Benefits of Safe, Green Spaces
Exploring how COVID can alter the genetic composition of platelets, a training program to improve care for sexual and gender minorities and how safety can influence the health benefits of parks.
What Can Sports Reveal About America?
Dr. Kevin Thompson shares the lessons he’s learned by studying the connection between sports, politics and culture in American society.
Jefferson Investigates: Fentanyl Test Strips, Liver Transplantation, Trauma and Maternal Mortality
New research on using harm reduction tools in emergency rooms; reassessing liver donors who were on life support; and investigating the impact of trauma in Black maternal mortality.