Karuna Meda
Jefferson Investigates: Maternal Death, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cellular Identity
How a common antibiotic can reduce sepsis during labor, how confidence can help memory recovery after traumatic brain injury, and how cells pass identity down to daughter cells.
How Can Occupational Therapists Help People With Long COVID?
With a lack of validated rehabilitation interventions for people with long COVID, occupational therapy could help patients get their lives back to normal.
Creating a Network of Green Spaces in Urban Areas
Working with communities to develop high-quality outdoor spaces that improve environmental, social and physical health.
An Aggressive Advocate for Passive Construction
How to build more efficient, passive homes – those that take advantage of natural and recycled warming and cooling through design and engineering – for the masses.
Teaching Writers to Respond to the World Around Them
Taking a rhetorical approach to helping English Language Learners become better writers.
“Beyond the Bench” – A Journey Through Science Mysteries
From detective shows to decoding genetic data - how a Jefferson alum found her way to the world of computational research.
What Is the Residual Impact of Slavery on African American Mental Health?
Understanding generational trauma and how therapists can be trained to help individuals cope.
Designing Cities to Be More Sustainable for Future Generations
With a projected 2.5 billion more people living in cities by 2050, the need has never been greater.
Digital Tools and Shared Decision-Making
Exploring the ways technology can improve collaborative treatment approaches for patients with opioid use disorder.
War and Identity
Understanding how war and displacement complicate gender and sexuality in Afghanistan and its diaspora.
How Does Sustainable Design Help Create Better Healthcare Facilities?
Connecting patients with the natural world through design.