Mike Bederka
Mike Bederka is a senior content specialist at Jefferson.
Easing the Pain of an Economic Tsunami
Finance professor Dr. D.K. Malhotra answers FAQs about the coronavirus stimulus checks.
A Renaissance Woman
Jefferson nursing student Dr. Jennifer Booker writes book about coming out as transgender in midlife.
Students Celebrate in Untraditional Match Day
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sidney Kimmel Medical College students learn their next career step.
Job Search Tips During the
COVID-19 Pandemic
How Jefferson students can continue to look for jobs and internships while social distancing.
12 Tips to Maximize Time at Home
How to stay productive working and learning remotely.
When an Emoji Is Worth a Thousand Words
iPhone update ushers in a more inclusive world, occupational therapy student writes.
Reducing Textile Waste
The University and industry address ways to prevent clothes from ending up in the landfill.
Coronavirus Concerns Disrupt the Global Fashion Industry
Where time is a key driver, the outbreak has caused a host of problems.
Democracy in Action
JeffVotes students ensure hospitalized patients can participate in the Pennsylvania primary.
Superheroes Create Superpowers for Those With Autism
Medical student Michele DeMuth develops superhero playwriting workshop for tweens and teens.
Defining the Future of Learning and Work
How well are institutions of higher education preparing their graduates for the realities of work in the 21st century?