Bethany’s Play

Supergirl and Wonder Woman team up to battle the Joker in Bethany's story.
supergirl and the stolen city cover


Character 1 – Supergirl

Supergirl is a superhero who has the powers of superstrength and flying. She is really funny and she loves her family and friends. She really cares about New York City and the people who live there. 

Character 2 – Joker

Joker has an evil plan to destroy the city and is very mischievous. He doesn’t care about New York City and that people who live in it. 

Character 3 – Wonder Woman

She is Supergirl’s best friend and she also has the powers of strength and flying. She also cares about New York City and the people who live in it.

Setting: New York City


Scene 1: 

(Supergirl is in her house while doing chores. She has a big beautiful house in New York City, NY. Wonder Woman flies up to Supergirl’s window and knocks on the window to get her attention.)

Wonder Woman: Supergirl, are you home?

Supergirl: Yes, how’s the city going for you?

Wonder Woman: Not so good, the Joker has an evil plan to destroy the city and all the people living in it. I was flying around the restaurant he and his friends go to and I overheard his diabolical plan. This is terrible news!

Supergirl: Let me take a look out the window and see what’s happening.

(Supergirl rushes to the window and she sees that the Joker is using one of his gadgets to topple the buildings over and people get trapped under the buildings)

Supergirl: (gasps) That IS terrible Wonder Woman! C’mon, let’s go and save the day!

(Supergirl throws on her cape and she and Wonder Woman soar over to go where they see all of the damage)

Scene 2:

(Wonder Woman and Supergirl fly up to the scene of the crime and hear people screaming and grunting to get back up from the damaged buildings)

(Joker laughs evilly)

Joker: There’s NO stopping me from destroying the city!

Supergirl: How could you have done this, Joker?! I thought you were in prison or something!

Joker: Well, I escaped prison without being caught by those guards!

Wonder Woman: Joker, why would you do such a thing?!

Joker: I was in prison and saw all those people having a good time and I was so jealous and had to make sure that everyone was as miserable as I was!

Wonder Woman & Supergirl: Attack Him!

(In an epic battle, Supergirl and Wonder Woman fight Joker in the air and Supergirl throws Joker to the ground and Joker lands but then, a building comes tumbling and it lands on Joker)

Wonder Woman: It’s finally all over!

Supergirl: Not just yet, we still have to save the people.

(With both of their superstrength, Wonder Woman and Supergirl save the people by lifting up the tumbled buildings & carrying them to the hospital)

Wonder Woman: Now the city is finally safe and now it’s all over!

Supergirl: Yes it is!

Wonder Woman: Everything is back to normal now

(Both Wonder Woman & Supergirl high-five and hug each other)

The End!

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