Brian Hickey
What Does the FTC’s Antitrust Case Vs. Facebook Mean for Social-Media Users?
The ongoing battle accuses the tech giant of squashing and purchasing competition to avoid threats to its monopoly.
Multidisciplinary Effort Aims to Create ‘Neurodiverse Furniture’ for Specialty Care Pavilion
It’s never too early to brainstorm ways to ‘improve lives’ for Jefferson students and patients.
COVID’s Impact on Residential, Nonresidential Development
Construction-management students and alumni are uniquely positioned to enter an evolving industry.
CABE Team Awaits Results of International Design Competition
Many of the 11 students have graduated, but remain focused on the Solar Decathlon China 2021 competition.
Kanbar to Host Pre-College Textile Design Workshop for High School Students
The week-long ‘Design Identity’ offering will give participants a chance to ‘explore a creative path for their college experience.’
CABE to Host Summer Design Program for High School Juniors and Seniors
The three-week academy aims to ‘expand a community of more diverse designers in schools and into the industry.’
University’s Global Reach Will Soon Extend Into Space
Thanks to the Jefferson Israel Center’s innovative relationship with Sheba Medical Center, three scientific experiments were selected for a 2022 mission to the International Space Station.
Fashion Design Film Highlights Students’ Four-Year Journey
COVID forced the program to re-imagine the in-person fashion show; designers and faculty adapted and showcased their work.
Distressing COVID Scenes From India Inspire Medical Student to Take Action
With much of her extended family still living in Bangalore, Noor Shaik sparked an effort that has already seen pallets of PPE donations collected.
Can Too Much Positivity Be a Negative?
By presenting an unrealistically perfect world online and in life, you may harm others with your “toxic positivity.”
One Year Later: The COVID-19 Pandemic
A look back at how students, faculty and staff banded together to face unimaginably unexpected challenges in the face of a public-health crisis.