Brian Hickey
Preparing Future Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow
The University is again offering a wide array of summer programming for high school students.
How to Find a Culturally
Competent Therapist
When it comes to mental health, personal and cultural connections are key.
Podcast: Fashion Film Takes Students From the Runway Into Digital Longevity
COVID forced a re-imagining of the long-standing, in-person fashion show that would spark an educational trend.
Podcast: Breaking Down the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
In this episode of The Nexus Podcast, a Thomas Jefferson University adjunct professor born in Russia breaks down the crisis’s potential local and global impacts.
How Will History Reflect on U.S. Reaction to COVID?
Poorly, says an American studies instructor, who spent decades studying the ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak.
Podcast: Designing for the Neurodiverse
In this inaugural episode of The Nexus Podcast, we take a deeper dive into the “neurodiverse furniture project.”
CABE Joins International Team in the Solar Decathlon China Design Challenge
Their sustainably designed structure built near the Winter Olympics is currently ranked 2nd in a field of 15.
Industrial Designers Win Philly Bicycle-Parking Competition
The trio of master’s program alums topped the ‘Rack ’Em Up’ design contest to create fire hydrant-accessible bike corrals.
What Does the FTC’s Antitrust Case Vs. Facebook Mean for Social-Media Users?
The ongoing battle accuses the tech giant of squashing and purchasing competition to avoid threats to its monopoly.
Multidisciplinary Effort Aims to Create ‘Neurodiverse Furniture’ for Specialty Care Pavilion
It’s never too early to brainstorm ways to ‘improve lives’ for Jefferson students and patients.
COVID’s Impact on Residential, Nonresidential Development
Construction-management students and alumni are uniquely positioned to enter an evolving industry.