Brian Hickey
Wage Cuts: The Pandemic’s Looming but Somewhat Hidden Disaster
Finance professor Dr. D.K. Malhotra answers FAQs about this underappreciated issue.
How Architecture Design Can Help Those With Autism Engage With the World
CABE and Jefferson Health’s Center for Autism and Neurodiversity and a slew of experts team up for fall course and symposium to examine architecture’s impact with those on the spectrum.
SKMC Student Works on Dr. Fauci’s Team Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic
Neel Nabar reflects on a hectic and ‘surreal’ spring of working to ‘guide intelligent vaccine design’ and more at the National Institutes of Health.
Jefferson Architecture and Industrial Design Students Help Israel Medical Center Look Toward its Future
The COVID-19 pandemic nixed in-person collaborations, but the joint ‘City of Health’ effort is still off to a wonderful start.
OT Grad Student Earns Spot on the Eagles Cheer Team
In addition to pursuing her doctorate in occupational therapy at Jefferson, Allison Tuso will help fire up crowds at the Linc.
How to Have Difficult Conversations About COVID and Race Relations
Experts from the University’s department of counseling and behavioral health offer tips on navigating divisive topics with loved ones.
JeffersonSCREEN Project Aims to Reduce Social Isolation for Patients
An interdisciplinary team works to make ‘mask-less visual connections’ possible for infectious disease patients in the COVID-19 era and beyond.
A Great Societal Challenge Returns Accompanied by Lessons (and Questions) From the Past
An American studies instructor, who spent decades studying the ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak, mulls how future peers will chronicle the COVID era.
Students in Jefferson’s Health Design Lab Helping Make Important PPE Fix
A small piece of the PAPR suit battery pack kept breaking, rendering the whole suit useless, so they used 3D printing to fill the gap.
How Creating a ‘New Army of First Preventers’ Could Help America Emerge From the Initial COVID-19 Wave
Dr. David Nash, founding dean emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, discusses paths back from the age of social distancing.
Nationwide Study on Medical Students’ Empathy, at a Time When Empathy Is Needed Most
Dr. Mohammadreza Hojat discusses his research which examines ‘the backbone of patient care’ amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.