Brian Hickey
Podcast: How the University’s Global Push Could Help Bring Malawi Its First Teaching Hospital
Jefferson’s long-standing ties to the African nation could prove transformative for students, patients and medical professionals there.
How a Beach Meeting Between Alumnae Created an Innovative Textile Program
In teaming up with Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, Jefferson offers first-of-its-kind joint-degree path which establishes global model for 21st century professional education.
Podcast: How a Creative Approach to Humanities Education Sets Jefferson Apart
When employers said ‘soft skills’ help bolster employment success, the University set out to offer a wide array of courses for its students.
Podcast: Live From East Falls, Next-Generation Deejays Hit the Airwaves
As a pair of second-year students launch a rejuvenated campus radio station, we examine the past and future of the medium at the University.
Podcast: Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities Unites Three Colleges in Cross-Disciplinary Effort
CABE, Kanbar and Pop Health come together to develop cities in face of climate change, social inequity, rapid urbanization and health disparities.
Podcast: No Cluck About It, Chicken Finger Thursday Is the G.O.A.T.
Let’s take a listen to the history, backstory and glory of the highlight of the culinary calendar on the East Falls campus.
Preparing Future Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow
The University is again offering a wide array of summer programming for high school students.
How to Find a Culturally
Competent Therapist
When it comes to mental health, personal and cultural connections are key.
Podcast: Fashion Film Takes Students From the Runway Into Digital Longevity
COVID forced a re-imagining of the long-standing, in-person fashion show that would spark an educational trend.
Podcast: Breaking Down the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
In this episode of The Nexus Podcast, a Thomas Jefferson University adjunct professor born in Russia breaks down the crisis’s potential local and global impacts.
How Will History Reflect on U.S. Reaction to COVID?
Poorly, says an American studies instructor, who spent decades studying the ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak.