Podcast: Meet the New-and-Improved Phil the Ram

Jefferson’s mascot returns to action with a bionic horn (and a mohawk).
Phil the Ram mascot

Where in the world has Phil the Ram been? You may have noticed that the University’s loveably tough mascot hasn’t been on the sidelines or in the gyms for a good long while. Well, that’s come to an end!

Today—at a pep rally for the playoffs-bound Rams’ women’s and men’s basketball teams—Phil reemerged from what’s been a challenging few months for our beloved horned sheep.

In this episode of the Nexus Podcast, we’ve been greenlit to share the true story (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) of how all that enthusiasm nearly came to an end over on the Ronson sledding hill, known throughout the East Falls community as “The Nuts” because of its inherent dangers.

Phil the Ram
Phil the Ram shows some love to David Raymond, the Phillie Phanatic’s “oldest friend.” (Photos by ©Thomas Jefferson University Photography Services)

Phil learned that lesson the hard way, but the challenging predicament leading to his return also reaffirms his love for the University’s collaborative spirit. His “extended family” came together in his time of deepest need, instilling in him with the strength, confidence and bionic horn that will help Phil celebrate Jefferson’s Bicentennial year and lead it into its third century.

We spoke with friends, first responders, occupational therapists, industrial design experts, coaches and David Raymond, the one-time Phillie Phanatic who helped get Phil back on his feet.

Phil the Ram
Phil the Ram shows off his new bionic horn, which was designed by a team in the industrial design program.

Also ecstatic to talk about Phil’s return was Dr. Susan Aldridge, the University’s interim president. She called the mascot out into the public eye for the first time in months at the pep rally.

“The entire Jefferson family has rallied to support Phil in his time of need. We’re thrilled that he’s back,” Dr. Aldridge says. “Phil represents strength and resilience. He’s a champion for our teams, for all of us, and he’s an ambassador to the community. For all the teams that really supported his recovery and worked to bring him back to great health, he can really serve as a champion and ambassador for us.”

Vote for Phil in the Philadelphia Inquirer Mascot Bracket here.

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