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Every Great Design Begins With Research
Two parts investigation, one part creativity—the recipe for building a better website for scientists is as rigorous as the research it’s designed to highlight.
Vital Signs at Home and Any Time
How a physician and researcher created a new technology to monitor a patient’s vital signs, continuously, and out of the hospital bed.
A Simple Method May Slow Cognitive Decline
A method for increasing activity levels may reduce cognitive decline in a trial of older black adults, who are at greater risk of Alzheimer’s.
To Kiss or Not to Kiss
How does the body keep from spreading a cold to a loved one?
Hot Brew Coffee Has Higher Antioxidant Levels Than Cold Brew
Coffee drinkers should not consider cold brew a “silver bullet” for avoiding gastrointestinal distress.
Engineering Professor Working to Turn Trash to Textiles
What if we could take garbage and use it to replace textile materials such as wood pulp, cotton and polyester?
Using Mathematics to Look at Disease as a Whole-Body Problem
A novel method allows researchers to parse how multiple organs contribute to a disease over time, giving a more holistic view of disease and revealing new avenues for intervention.
“Christmas Berry” Compound Could Fight Uveal Melanoma
A molecule derived from a type of primrose could prove useful in fighting metastatic growth of a rare and aggressive cancer.