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Jefferson Investigates: Discrimination’s Impact on Recovery, Cannabis for Chronic Pain, and Cancer’s Blood Supply
Does discrimination slow recovery from brain trauma, can patients with long-term pain use cannabis to reduce opioid use, will blocking blood flow to cancer slow its growth?
New Project to Design Building Skins to Retrofit Energy-Inefficient Structures
Researchers will develop prototype modular panels and test for energy savings, resistance to weathering and market feasibility
Jefferson Investigates: AI for Parkinson’s, Immune Aging in HIV and Finding Better Care for Patients with Diabetes
Exploring computer learning to predict Parkinson's disease progression, how the immune system becomes exhausted in HIV, and how to offer patients better diabetes care.
Jefferson Investigates: Dyes From Invasive Plants, COVID-19 Policies That Worked and Patient-Centered Design
The latest on sustainability in fashion, studying what curbed the spread of COVID-19 best, and working with patients toward better assistive devices.
Jefferson Investigates: Life Post Incarceration, Pain in Your Gut and Cross-cultural Lessons in COVID-19 Eldercare
Read the latest on the barriers to life after prison, a new treatment avenue for visceral pain, and how older people were cared for during the global pandemic
Celebrating the Beauty of Research
Jefferson’s first enterprise-wide research-art contest reveals the beauty of rarely seen parts of the natural world and opens windows to the soul.
When Inhalers Stop Working
New research into making asthma and COPD medication more potent could also improve how long they work in patients who need frequent doses.
Jefferson Investigates: COVID Risks, RNA in Cancer, and a New Use for Anti-nausea Medication
Long-non-coding RNA as a common driving force in cancer, blood analysis reveals COVID-19 risks, and a common drug finds a new application.
Jefferson Investigates: Guts to Joints, Traffic Patterns of Brain Molecules, and Immature Contacts in Alzheimer’s
The normal role of a gene involved in familial Alzheimer’s, neuronal clean-up crews, and how the gut microbiome might affect osteoarthritis
Jefferson Investigates: A New Disease, COVID Immunity and Triple Combo Therapy for Glioblastoma
A novel fibrotic disease with surprising nerve symptoms, an explanation for COVID immunity in the immunocompromised and a new approach for brain cancer
Researchers Investigate: Steroids and Cancer, Brain Degeneration and Growth
How steroids affect cancer immunotherapy, the powerhouse of neurodegeneration and the molecules behind learning and memory