Scenes From the Research as Art Celebration

The Jefferson community comes together to experience the work of researchers through stunning visuals.

At the 2nd annual Research as Art contest reception, visitors could peer through the lens of a microscope to see inside the cells involved in ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s disease), look at images of a heart scan rendered in the style of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe paintings, or imagine the experiences of patients through art therapy.

Makers of art bring their vision, their backstory and their joy to their work. Then they gift that work to the public. And each viewer brings themselves to that artwork, seeing through the filter of their own experiences and sometimes seeing things the artist never imagined.

Through this event, the Jefferson community could experience research through new eyes and interact with it on their terms.

The exhibit will remain on display in the Scott Memorial Library in Center City through May. Visitors can see the art on the second floor and learn more about this year’s winners, the judges and download a booklet of all the submissions here.

Researcher-artists with the winning image in the conceptual art category, titled, "Depression in the Postpartum Period: Exploring a Brief Behavioral Activation Intervention."
Researcher-artist with the winning image in the cellular/molecular art category, titled, "Little Brain of the Heart."
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