close-up of tye-dyed fabric

Design and Style

Helping Healthcare Providers, One Laser Cut at a Time
Architecture alumni ease ear pain caused by long-term mask wear.
Get My Job: Spotlight on Fashion
Alumnus David Sirkin heads up Heritage Brands at global apparel company PVH Corp.
Prepared for Change
Jefferson takes creative approach to remote learning.
Providing Backup in the COVID-19 Fight
Jefferson alumni use embroidery equipment to help ease PPE shortage.
Hidden Gem From Jefferson Design Center in High-Profile NYC Exhibition
The late Willi Smith revolutionized the streetwear-fashion game. His works—including one from the University’s collection—will be the focus of a 'Street Couture' show.
Reducing Textile Waste
The University and industry address ways to prevent clothes from ending up in the landfill.
Coronavirus Concerns Disrupt the Global Fashion Industry
Where time is a key driver, the outbreak has caused a host of problems.
Jefferson Hits the Runway at New York Fashion Week
Fashion design students Marquies Smith and Robin Skodi showcase socially conscious collections.
From Microbiology to Microfiber
Jefferson scientist melds passions for a career second act in textiles.
Italian Designer Brings Passion to Fashion
Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna presents Jefferson Philadelphia University Honors Lecture.
A Game-Changing Design
for Adaptive Athletes
Industrial design alumni develop a cleat attachment for blade-style prosthetic.