Life at Jefferson

To Those Who Have Just Begun Their Journey With the White Coat …
Jefferson professor of medicine offers words of encouragement during the COVID-19 era.
Art in Times of Crisis
What lessons can we learn from art therapists in times of high uncertainty and stress.
OT Grad Student Earns Spot on the Eagles Cheer Team
In addition to pursuing her doctorate in occupational therapy at Jefferson, Allison Tuso will help fire up crowds at the Linc.
One Step of Many
Medical student activist Oluwatoni “Toni” Okuboyejo helped organize Jefferson’s White Coats for Black Lives Demonstration.
How to Have Difficult Conversations About COVID and Race Relations
Experts from the University’s department of counseling and behavioral health offer tips on navigating divisive topics with loved ones.
Meet Maggie: Jefferson’s Newest Furry Employee
The “chief compassion officer” will be available to help comfort those who suffer from anxiety.
How Is Structural Racism Reinforced Through Food?
We sit down with a Jefferson professor to discuss her research on the ways marginalized communities resist oppression, and the impact COVID-19 has had on racial inequities.
George Floyd was a Mother’s Son, Our Son
Two mothers share their perspectives on privilege, racism and fear.
This year, every U.S. citizen has an important job to do—vote.
JeffSecure Provides Relief to Students During the Pandemic
Donations from University community help with housing, food insecurity, school supplies and more.
How Students Can Work on Their Careers During COVID-19
Twenty actionable tips to help ignite a sense of motivation, positivity and hope.