Life at Jefferson

Taking Care of Your Mental Well-Being During a Pandemic
Tips and strategies from a mental health expert on coping with stress, keeping up routines, and staying connected while in isolation
Students Celebrate in Untraditional Match Day
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sidney Kimmel Medical College students learn their next career step.
Job Search Tips During the
COVID-19 Pandemic
How Jefferson students can continue to look for jobs and internships while social distancing.
12 Tips to Maximize Time at Home
How to stay productive working and learning remotely.
At-Home Exercise Programs With Little or No Equipment Needed
Jefferson’s director of fitness and wellness offers pointers on how to stay fit while socially distancing.
Medical Student’s Poetry Gives Voice to ALS Patients
Brittany File’s scholarly inquiry track in the humanities program provided emotional insights into a ‘ruthless disease.’
Democracy in Action
JeffVotes students ensure hospitalized patients can participate in the Pennsylvania primary.
Ram Relax Cart Bolsters Mindfulness
The project developed by three occupational therapy professors helps students to relax and concentrate in class.
Defining the Future of Learning and Work
How well are institutions of higher education preparing their graduates for the realities of work in the 21st century?
Live Life Like a Clock
Keeping pace with cross country legend and Jefferson coach Dave Thomas isn’t easy.
Jefferson Is Global
The University’s study away program provides life-changing experiences for students.