Students Sketch Pictures of Donors’ Homes to Benefit Charity

Bethesda Project supports the homeless.
Bethesda Project
Occupational therapy major Janet Nguyen is one of 10 students who volunteered to support Bethesda Project.

As part of a new holiday fundraiser, Jefferson students sketched pictures of donors’ houses to benefit Bethesda Project, a nonprofit that supports adults experiencing chronic homelessness in Philadelphia.

Donors sent $25 and a photo of their homes to Bethesda Project, who shared the images with Louise McShane, Jefferson’s community service coordinator. Ten volunteers from a variety of majors drew the homes in their own style and sent the sketches to the donors.

“Several recipients contacted our artists to thank them for their time and talent,” McShane says. “This project shows the generous spirit of Jefferson students, especially during the holidays, and we plan to make it an annual event at the University.”

Click the images below for larger versions of the students’ work, and contact Louise McShane for information about local volunteer opportunities for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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