Podcast: Breaking Down the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In this episode of The Nexus Podcast, a Thomas Jefferson University adjunct professor born in Russia breaks down the crisis’s potential local and global impacts.

Born in the former Soviet Union before the fall of Communism, Aleksandr Kvasov has been closely watching the daily developments of Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

The ever-evolving conflict has impacted him both personally and professionally in his role as an adjunct professor within the College of Humanities and Sciences. Kvasov’s expertise includes cross-cultural conflict resolution, peace psychology and global education.

Even before the recent invasion, Kvasov regularly incorporated in-depth discussions, with a focus on contemporary Russia, into his lectures. He was also the lead expert in a recent Roxboro House Roundtable discussion about the situation.

Kvasov sat down with The Nexus Podcast to share his thoughts on what’s driving Vladimir Putin, the support he has amongst the Russian people and, among other topics, the importance of breaking through propaganda to connect with Russians.

He also discussed what people who live in and around Philadelphia should be concerned about as the invasion continues, and the prospects of nuclear war.

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