Science and Technology

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Moments of 2019
The Nexus looks back at the stories that defined the year.
All Research Starts With a Question. What’s Yours?
How do I develop sustainable and innovative textiles?
Talk the Talk
Three Sidney Kimmel Medical College students organize Jefferson’s first TEDx.
How to Manipulate Brain Waves for a Better Mental State
Understanding activity in the brain to help with sleep, stress and focus.
Renowned Researcher Visits U.S. for a Year, Stays a Lifetime
Dr. Jouni Uitto, Finnish ‘Father of Epidermolysis Bullosa Research,’ never finished with saving lives.
The New Voices of Science are Changing the World
How generation Z is learning about scientific issues and how to communicate them to impact policy
Unleashing Creativity
As part of JeffSolves, medical and industrial design students pitched their ideas at B. PHL.
A Voice for Mental Health in Academia
One Jefferson student takes to social media and blogging to discuss mental health issues in graduate school, and finds huge community support.
Helping Brain Cells Grow Branches for Healthy Communication
Animated illustration shows how nerve growth depends on stability of cellular railways.
Every Great Design Begins With Research
Two parts investigation, one part creativity—the recipe for building a better website for scientists is as rigorous as the research it’s designed to highlight.
Vital Signs at Home and Any Time
How a physician and researcher created a new technology to monitor a patient’s vital signs, continuously, and out of the hospital bed.