Science and Technology

Celebrating the Class of 2023
New graduates look back at their education and share what lies ahead.
Jefferson Investigates: AI for Parkinson’s, Immune Aging in HIV and Finding Better Care for Patients with Diabetes
Exploring computer learning to predict Parkinson's disease progression, how the immune system becomes exhausted in HIV, and how to offer patients better diabetes care.
Jefferson Investigates: Dyes From Invasive Plants, COVID-19 Policies That Worked and Patient-Centered Design
The latest on sustainability in fashion, studying what curbed the spread of COVID-19 best, and working with patients toward better assistive devices.
University’s XR Initiative Aims to Guide Academics Into Virtual Future
Digital-learning team launches outreach efforts to energize students and faculty.
“Beyond the Bench” – A Journey Through Science Mysteries
From detective shows to decoding genetic data - how a Jefferson alum found her way to the world of computational research.
What Is the Residual Impact of Slavery on African American Mental Health?
Understanding generational trauma and how therapists can be trained to help individuals cope.
Jefferson Investigates: Life Post Incarceration, Pain in Your Gut and Cross-cultural Lessons in COVID-19 Eldercare
Read the latest on the barriers to life after prison, a new treatment avenue for visceral pain, and how older people were cared for during the global pandemic
How Engineering Students Work With Jefferson Health to Improve Processes
Gaining real-world skills, they’re developing models that can provide advancements to the hospital system.
Celebrating the Beauty of Research
Jefferson’s first enterprise-wide research-art contest reveals the beauty of rarely seen parts of the natural world and opens windows to the soul.
When Inhalers Stop Working
New research into making asthma and COPD medication more potent could also improve how long they work in patients who need frequent doses.
22 Memorable University Moments of 2022
The Nexus looks back at the biggest Jefferson stories of the year.