Science and Technology

Jefferson Investigates: Mitochondrial DNA, Transgender Care, Menstrual Equity
New research explores how mitochondrial genetic material is inherited; improving culturally competent care for transgender patients; and the lack of menstrual supplies in prison.
Engineering Styrofoam Into ‘Biofoam’
Plastic food packaging is a major source of pollution, but finding sustainable alternatives has proved challenging. This research team thinks fungi might be the answer.
Jefferson Investigates: Kids of Incarcerated Parents, Babies vs. Sleep and Better Asthma Inhalers
New research explores addressing an asthma inhaler’s side effects, mental health access for kids with incarcerated parents, and how fruit flies choose between babies and sleep.
Jefferson Researcher Receives Cancer Moonshot Award
Hien Dang, PhD, was one of 11 people awarded the prestigious award aimed at finding therapies for tough-to-treat cancers in patients who have been historically disadvantaged.
Saving Sea Turtles, One Paddle at a Time
This summer, Dr. Manuela Tripepi traveled to Curaçao to research the disease ravaging sea turtles across the Caribbean.
Jefferson Investigates: Maternal Death, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cellular Identity
How a common antibiotic can reduce sepsis during labor, how confidence can help memory recovery after traumatic brain injury, and how cells pass identity down to daughter cells.
Is There a Place for Writing AI in the Classroom?
Writing and rhetoric faculty offer best practices for using the controversial tool.
How Can Occupational Therapists Help People With Long COVID?
With a lack of validated rehabilitation interventions for people with long COVID, occupational therapy could help patients get their lives back to normal.
Jefferson Investigates: Allergies to Cannabis, Brain Fog in HIV and Anti-Scarring Treatment
How does cannabis cause allergic reactions, why do people with HIV experience cognitive decline, and how can internal scarring be reduced after rotator cuff repair.
How Does Light at Night Affect My Health?
Light pollution at night is getting worse. How can people maintain good sleep hygiene when brightness seeps through the windows?
Jefferson Investigates: Discrimination’s Impact on Recovery, Cannabis for Chronic Pain, and Cancer’s Blood Supply
Does discrimination slow recovery from brain trauma, can patients with long-term pain use cannabis to reduce opioid use, will blocking blood flow to cancer slow its growth?