Podcast: No Cluck About It, Chicken Finger Thursday Is the G.O.A.T.

Let’s take a listen to the history, backstory and glory of the highlight of the culinary calendar on the East Falls campus.

If there is one thing that darn near everybody who has dined on East Falls Campus since the mid-aughts can agree upon, it’s that Chicken Finger Thursday is the touchstone of the culinary calendar.

When prospective students tour the campus, they hear about it from the RAMbassadors.

When students talk amongst themselves, the topic comes up.

When alumni look back on their time at the University, it is one of the most common memories.

Chicken Finger Thursday
On both sides of the dining-hall counter, including the one on which grill cook Dominique Dix prepares food, Chicken Finger Thursday is the highlight of the culinary calendar. (Photos: ©Thomas Jefferson University Photography Services)

All of this to say that Chicken Finger Thursday is a Rams tradition that warrants a closer look. To that end, the Nexus Podcast set up shop at the Kanbar Campus Center this past spring to learn more.

We spoke to students as they placed, and enjoyed, their orders, and to those on the other side of the counter. Topics ranged from the event’s genesis and history to preparation and behind-the-scenes personalities.

Did you know that nearly 500 pounds of the hand-prepared treat are served each week and that none other than Carson Kressley name-checked the event during a commencement address?

Chicken Finger Thursday
Sara Jacalone and Bianca Phan sang the praises of the chicken fingers as they each ordered a platter to eat outside of Kanbar Student Center.

Without further ado, to recognize National Chicken Finger Day (July 27) and to bring incoming students up to speed on the delectable delights, we invite you to open your ears and learn all the fun facts involved with Chicken Finger Thursday.

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