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Jefferson Medical Students Learn From the Best at the National Institutes of Health
Matt Rohn and Mark Shapses just wrapped up a productive year in the prestigious Medical Research Scholars Program.
University Announces Creation of a National Center for Telehealth Education and Research
While the COVID-19 pandemic made clear the need for virtual visits, Jefferson experts had already established themselves as leaders in the field.
How to Recognize and Support Someone Who Feels Hopeless
Is someone you care about just down, or is it more serious? Jefferson mental health experts share warning signs of suicide that shouldn’t be missed, and how to reach out with a listening ear.
Students Help People Exercise Their Right to Vote
JeffVotes expands efforts with voter registration and mail-in ballots.
Addressing the Complex Care Challenge
Through a new curriculum, Jefferson prepares students to help vulnerable patients.
Med School Rotation Brings Student Back to Magee After Devastating Spinal Cord Injury
Michelle Konkoly says she feels like she can accomplish almost anything after having to learn to walk again.
University Will Host International Sex and Gender Health Education Summit
Organizers of the three-day virtual event hope it paves the way for curriculum to be taught in every health-sciences school.
Transforming Ideas Into Action
Occupational therapy students address inequality and societal issues through summer project.
Delivering Food to Patients to Stop Hunger—and Step Up Medical Care
Staff, students and volunteers connect with the community through a new initiative.
Researchers Battle Misinformation @DearPandemic
The all-female team separates COVID-19 facts from fiction on social media.
Black in Neuro – A Week of Community Building in the Neurosciences
Connecting with peers and new colleagues across the nation and abroad through virtual sessions and via social media.