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Our Year in Mental Health
In this collection of stories, The Nexus reflects on how the Jefferson community has come together to cope with the public health crises that upended 2020.
Shedding Light on the Experiences Transgender and Non-Binary Patients Face in the Doctor’s Office
Amplifying Voices: A collaborative research team works with the transgender community to gather perspectives on barriers to care, unique health needs, and discrimination.
Rock-a-bye Fly: Why Vibrations Lead to Sleepiness
Researchers discover that gentle vibration can induce sleep in flies through a simple form of learning.
How Can Researchers Engage with Marginalized Communities to Better Understand Health Disparities?
Creating practices for researchers to include the voices of the communities they work with.
Ramily Market Expansion Works to Ease Food Insecurity Burden
Now serving the Center City campus, the pantry helps students in need.
JeffSolves MedTech Inspires Next Generation of Innovators
Industrial design and medical students work together to develop healthcare solutions.
Canine ‘Chief Compassion Officer’ Maggie Works to Improve Mental Health
The labrador comes to Jefferson from veterans organization Leashes of Valor.
Philadelphia Diabetes Prevention Collaborative Seeks to Reverse an Epidemic
Focusing on proactive behavior change, innovative program helps patients stop disease before it takes hold.
How Women Runners Can Avoid Stress Fractures
Women are twice as likely to develop stress fractures from running as men. Physicians and runners give tips on how to minimize risks and recover from injury.
Dr. Dimitri Papanagnou Wants Med Students to Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
To help address physician burnout, the associate dean is working on a curriculum that focuses on the uncertainty in healthcare.
Blood With Baggage: Prejudice Underlies Current FDA Regulations for ‘MSM’ Blood Donors
The FDA recently revised blood donor regulations, a rapid change two medical school students say highlights discriminatory policies against the LGBTQ+ community.