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Celebrating the Class of 2021
Graduating students reflect on their time at Jefferson as they look ahead to bright futures.
Students at the Forefront of Jefferson’s Vaccination Effort
Along with administering vaccines, students help with community outreach.
Creativity Sparkles at Celebration of Innovation
Seven student projects stem from interdisciplinary collaborations across the University.
Can Too Much Positivity Be a Negative?
By presenting an unrealistically perfect world online and in life, you may harm others with your “toxic positivity.”
Breaking the Chain of Hepatitis B Infection
Dr. Hie-Won Hann connects with patients using stories, education and research, making strides on a stealthy disease.
Jefferson Hosts Virtual Sensory-Friendly Zumba
Participants could adjust the volume and brightness in response to their sensitivities.
A Lost Dementia Patient Finds Her Way Back Home
Medical students were faced with the difficulties of reuniting a dementia patient with their family.
Rehab Heroes
Occupational and physical therapists relate to and inspire patients, whether in everyday circumstances or on groundbreaking clinical trials.
Making Conversations About Mental Health Mainstream
A Jefferson medical student uses social media to create educational content about mental health and illness, breaking stigma and barriers to getting help.
Lessons in Destigmatizing Harm-Reduction Efforts
A Master of Public Health student reflects on a class project focused on ‘compassionate and supportive’ ways to help those struggling with addiction.
Using Art to Heal
Upcoming show celebrates the creative efforts of art-therapy students, alumni and faculty.