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Mind Over Matter
One stroke patient's journey to help researchers understand if brain implants connected to a robotic arm brace can help him … and eventually other survivors … restore movement.
Effort Aims to Improve Life for Patients With a Rare Disease
Cross-disciplinary team of students and faculty working with those battling fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.
Patients Get Essential Telehealth Support Through Student-Driven Program
Researchers team up with students on “Digital Onboarding Taskforce” to help patients get comfortable using technology for remote medical care.
How a ‘Shark Tank’-Inspired Contest Led to an Examination of Racism in Health Care
Descendants of those victimized in the infamous U.S. Public Health Service Study shared their stories with students and faculty.
Communicating Information about COVID-19 Using ‘Entertainment-Education’
Researcher and student team up to explore a strategy that uses storytelling to creatively and effectively communicate about health issues.
Anesthesiology, Engineering and Textiles Experts Team Up for ‘Gorilla Gown’ Creation
The innovative effort is reimagining ways to protect patients’ body temperature before, during and after surgery.
Try These Exercises to Help Manage Daily Stress
Mindfulness creates space between you and life’s stressors.
A Call for Action Against Racism in Medicine
Worn from carrying the burden of fighting against racial injustice, a group of physicians pen a letter titled “Dear White People” asking colleagues and students in medicine to take up the cause of anti-racism.
After Battling COVID-19, Jefferson Nursing Student Vaccinates Frontline Workers
Jennifer Paone, her husband and their four children all battled the virus, and that inspired her to volunteer.
Jefferson Offers Telehealth Training Free to Unemployed Participants
The “Reimagining Health Care – Telehealth Training Course” will start in January, as a pandemic surge and widespread unemployment are on the minds of many.
Students Volunteer to Help With COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
Those studying nursing and pharmacy will serve various roles in the process as frontline workers receive COVID-19 vaccines.