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Podcast: Designing for the Neurodiverse
In this inaugural episode of The Nexus Podcast, we take a deeper dive into the “neurodiverse furniture project.”
Occupational Therapy Doctorate Student Supports Ukrainian Relief Efforts
Through her fieldwork, Toni Feite provides aid and teaches life skills.
The Significance of Artistic Observation in Medical Education
Jefferson humanities course strengthens empathy, understanding of patients and emotional intelligence.
What Is the Science Behind Using Cannabis to Treat Serious Illness?
Attempting to close the gap between research, the medical community and patients.
JeffSolves: A New Way of Thinking
Medical and industrial design students team up to develop medical devices to solve healthcare challenges.
Exploring Jobs of the Future:
Hemp and Cannabis
How does Jefferson prepare students for these two exploding industries?
Occupational Therapy Students Work With Unhoused Population
Through Project HOME, students learn real-world skills while helping those in need.
What I Wish People Knew About Surviving Gun Violence
Dr. Amanda Lyons was playing kickball in a Fishtown playground when she was shot in the back and her life was forever changed. Here, she shares her physical and emotional recovery journey.
Helping to Bring Social Justice to the Neurodiverse Population
Jefferson team develops autism toolkit for police, emergency personnel and justice professionals.
How Does Stress Affect the Body?
Combining biological and psychological expertise to explore the physical impacts of chronic stress and trauma.
Friendly and Fluffy, Titan the Rabbit Helps Students De-stress
Jefferson launches an animal therapy program during the fall semester.