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One Step of Many
Medical student activist Oluwatoni “Toni” Okuboyejo helped organize Jefferson’s White Coats for Black Lives Demonstration.
A History of Injustice – Coping with Racial Trauma
In the wake of police violence against Black people, a Jefferson mental health expert shares her own experiences of dealing with the emotional impact of racial trauma, and offers tips for coping with the anger, grief, and pain.
Meet Maggie: Jefferson’s Newest Furry Employee
The “chief compassion officer” will be available to help comfort those who suffer from anxiety.
JeffersonSCREEN Project Aims to Reduce Social Isolation for Patients
An interdisciplinary team works to make ‘mask-less visual connections’ possible for infectious disease patients in the COVID-19 era and beyond.
A Great Societal Challenge Returns Accompanied by Lessons (and Questions) From the Past
An American studies instructor, who spent decades studying the ‘Spanish Flu’ outbreak, mulls how future peers will chronicle the COVID era.
Get My Job: Spotlight on MRI Technologist
Alumna Mallory Mueller specializes in medical imaging at CHOP.
Making a Difference From Home
Jefferson College of Nursing student starts mask business.
Essay: High Productivity Demands Negatively Impact Patient Quality of Care
Jefferson physical therapy student writes award-winning article on improving rehabilitation practice.
This year, every U.S. citizen has an important job to do—vote.
Get My Job: Spotlight on Disaster Medicine and Management
Alumnus Capt. Michael Honsberger volunteered at Ground Zero after Sept. 11, served as a combat medic overseas and now plays a crucial role in COVID-19 efforts.
Music for the Heart
Public health student writes children’s book to promote body positivity.