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Jefferson Reacts to FDA’s Full Approval of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
The FDA’s decision to fully approve Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine marks a milestone moment and optimism for the public’s vaccine confidence.
Are Cannabinoids Useful in Treating Pain from Nerve Damage?
Combating misconceptions and investigating the benefits of cannabis in treating disease.
Jefferson Pro Bono Clinic Provides Care to Philly’s Underserved Community
Physical therapy students gain real-world skills while helping patients in need.
What Causes Range of Motion to Deteriorate in Baseball Players?
Understanding muscle adaptations in the shoulder to repetitive motion and stress.
New Class of Medical Students Begin Their Jefferson Journey at White Coat Ceremony
“Each of you has aspired to this day and has duly earned it,” says provost Dr. Mark L. Tykocinski.
You Don’t Have to Be an Olympian to Run Like a Champion
Jefferson track coach Dave Thomas shares tips for beginner to experienced runners.
Years of Prep Led to Successful Student COVID Vaccine Clinics
The University began planning in 2018 to help during a public health emergency.
Designing a Prosthetic to Help Surfers Catch a Wave
Two industrial design students create a low-cost, waterproof prosthetic that increases ankle mobility for adaptive surfers.
As We Emerge From the Pandemic, Who Is at Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
A traumatic event can cause PTSD, but so can unrelenting stress, such as what we’ve experienced during the COVID pandemic.
‘Better Than We Found It’ – Addressing Unconscious Bias in Higher Education
An occupational therapy student describes her struggle with whether to speak out or stay silent about bias while trying to learn and thrive.
Medical Students Use Telehealth to Continue Serving the Community Amid Pandemic
JeffHOPE provides care to those in need.