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Medical Student’s Poetry Gives Voice to ALS Patients
Brittany File’s scholarly inquiry track in the humanities program provided emotional insights into a ‘ruthless disease.’
Democracy in Action
JeffVotes students ensure hospitalized patients can participate in the Pennsylvania primary.
Superheroes Create Superpowers for Those With Autism
Medical student Michele DeMuth develops superhero playwriting workshop for tweens and teens.
Ram Relax Cart Bolsters Mindfulness
The project developed by three occupational therapy professors helps students to relax and concentrate in class.
From Microbiology to Microfiber
Jefferson scientist melds passions for a career second act in textiles.
A Game-Changing Design
for Adaptive Athletes
Industrial design alumni develop a cleat attachment for blade-style prosthetic.
The Intersection of Arts, Dementia and Training Tomorrow’s Empathetic Health Care Providers
ARTZ at Jefferson reverses the traditional provider-patient hierarchy and enlists people with dementia as the teachers and mentors.
Top Jefferson
Moments of 2019
The Nexus looks back at the stories that defined the year.
On the Spot
A new study shows how Jefferson students work to help high-need patients.
Josh’s Play
Josh plans to perform “Loud Ears” in his high school theater class.
Ben’s Play
Ben's character needs to save the Avengers from the evil Lizzo the Lizard.